Jigsaw Effect™ Clinic with Deborah Bowerman-Davies
March 18&19   *spaces still available
Location: Snapdragon Stables
1523 State Rd. 78  Mount Horeb, WI

BEYOND THE BRACING PATTERNS:  Going deeper to achieve harmony, balance, and lightness using the Jigsaw Effect™ – Mapping the pieces from the inside out

In this workshop Debbie draws upon almost 30 years of competition, training experience and intensive study of equine anatomy (including the nervous, vascular and visceral systems.)  She has developed a multi-facetted approach, the Jigsaw Effect™, that will show participants how immobility in any area prevents relaxation, which is the foundation of training and relationship building.  Her system will help you understand your horse’s body in new ways and how to employ a simple therapeutic cascade.  These easy-to-use methods will give your horse greater ease of movement, grace and health. You will leave being able to better relate with your horse emotionally, and with a deeper partnership.


$300 includes materials (8 participants min.)

$80 per day – This fee is higher than a normal auditor fee, as auditors receive the same lecture and visual as the participants, but do not participate in hands on. Auditors may purchase the workbook and Mapping sheets for $25.00.


Clinic Format: The first day includes theory, simulation, practical sessions to “Map the Jigsaw™,” and ground work. On day two, students begin in the morning with “Mapping the Jigsaw™” – which reveals different pieces than those of day one – followed by ground work. The afternoon session is all in hand work to simulate riding from the ground and understand maximum lightness potential. This enables each student to relate the ground work exercises to in hand work, and experience the jigsaw  process come together for horse and human.

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Carissa Sorenson (920)896-3400

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Dates: March 18 & 19, 2017
Location: Snapdragon Farm and Stables
1523 State Road 78   Mount Horeb, WI