Natural Wisdom Counseling

with Jessica Dallman MA, LPC

Socially and environmentally conscious counseling for
individuals, couples, families, and groups

Consultation and Training for Businesses and Organizations

Equine therapy is especially useful for working with trauma, attachment issues, and difficult relationship patterns. It has been gaining momentum as a treatment for PTSD, Autism, and other issues. Because working with horses addresses multiple areas, it may also be used for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or cognitive therapy goals.

Winnie, one of our 4-legged equine therapists.


Mondays 12p-5p: office hours at Snapdragon Farm & Stables.  For individuals, partners and families who want in-office therapy.

Tuesdays: Teletherapy hours and meetings/consultations with organizations.

Mondays after 5p and Wednesday afternoons: equine therapy hours.  For individuals, partners and families who want to do nature and horse therapy.


Jess looking R II.1

“As a psychotherapist, I support people in recovering from stress and trauma, in developing a sense of purpose, building positive and supportive relationships, and in living a fulfilling life. I help my clients achieve these goals through horses, nature, body-based interventions, EMDR therapy, or a variety of other tools.

Ultimately, I facilitate my client’s access to their own inherent, natural wisdom.”

-Jessica Dallman



Learn more about Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy as the primary modality of their equine work.

Elizabeth and Jess
Facilitating large group professional development trainings with horses. 2019