August 11-14th  Connected Riding 101 clinic:

Connected Riding is a biomechanical system of riding that enables horse and rider to synchronize through movement. The rider is a metronome that sets the rhythm, influencing the horse’s movements through connection rather than pressure.”

This 101 course is designed for participants to learn the foundations of Connected Riding. The goal of the 100 training series is for individuals to understand and apply Connection and neutral posture to groundwork and riding skills with some proficiency and consistency. Once this has been accomplished students may pursue the practitioner path.  (A practitioner is one looking to teach Connected Riding.)  An immediate outcome of all the 101+ SCRT courses will be a clearer application of CR groundwork and riding skills, as well as basic tools for sharing this approach with others.


Peggy Cummings

Peggy Cummings head shot

Deborah Davies
Deb Davies head shot

Anke Johnson