Jigsaw Effect™ Clinic with Deborah Bowerman-Davies
March 18&19 2017   *spaces limited

In this workshop Debbie blends almost 30 years of competition and training experience with her intensive study of equine anatomy.  She will show participants how immobility in any area prevents relaxation, which is the foundation of training and relationship building.

You will learn her unique Jigsaw Effect™ system and how to use it to establish a new, more profound rapport with your horse.  Equestrians of any skill level will leave being able to relate more directly in an emotional and harmonious partnership.

Registration contact:
Carissa Sorenson 920.896.3400

Advancing Connected Riding® with Peggy Cummings and Anke Johnson
July 14&15 2017  *spaces available

What is Connected Riding®?
With years of classical training, riding and teaching, Peggy has developed the Connected Riding® method. These easy to learn techniques allow both horse and rider to achieve freedom of movement and self- carriage. Connected Riding® is based on reciprocal connection rather than force. Ride pain and resistance free and have more fun doing it!

Connected Riding®- Private Lesson Day with Peggy Cummings
July 16 2017  *riding spots limited

Registration Contact:
Anke Johnson 608.467.0008