The Farm

Welcome to our farm!  We are located 6 miles south of Mt. Horeb Wisconsin. Our facility sits on 62 acres of rolling hills, woods and farm land. In addition to crops we cut and bale our own grass/alfalfa hay. Our facilities include a stable, two boarder barns, indoor and outdoor arenas and a 50′ round pen. Geldings and mares are paddocked separately with ample run-in shelters and available pasture turn out. We use hay slow feeders for our herds to mimic a natural “grazing” feed program.

The Red Barn
With a new roof, new siding and fresh coat of paint the Red Barn has a whole new life. Accommodations in the Red Barn offer several grooming stalls, lots of natural light and ample tack storage.  This is the space used for stalling clinic horses and visiting lesson horses.

The Blue Barn
Our Blue Barn is where the main hub of activity is. With 5 grooming stalls and access to the indoor arena, on most days you will find our boarders busy in here. Clean, brightly lit and well ventilated it is a great spot to get ready for your ride.

The Arenas

The arenas are watered and groomed weekly.
Adjoining the outdoor arena is a 6′ tall by 50′ round pen.

The Paddocks & Pastures

NW view of farm, fall II 2011

Our paddocks are set up with separate gelding and mare herds. They have run-in shelters with access to water, free choice salt and slow feed hay.

We utilize custom built slow feed hay nets for optimal herd health.

In order to maintain pasture health, we monitor weather conditions, footing, mow monthly and add soil amendments. Horses are rotated onto grass for half days in order to prevent over grazing and laminitic issues.

An entrance to one of the pastures.

Semi-Private Paddocks
These paddocks are intended for 2 horse occupancy.  They contain a shelter with free choice salt dispensers, waterers and slow-feeder hay nets to provide consistent access to forage.  These paddocks have access to small private pasture turn out.

Private Paddocks
These paddocks are 40’x70′ in size and fully enclosed with 3 board oak fencing.  This board option is ideal for a horse that is unable to remain full time with a herd.  Each paddock has a 10’x12′ shelter with free choice salt dispensers, automatic waterers and slow-feeder hay nets to provide consistent access to forage.  These paddocks have access to small private pasture turn out.

The Trails


There are mowed and maintained paths around our 62 acre property. Boarders are encouraged to take advantage of our quiet, beautiful environment whether walking their dog, hiking trails or riding with friends.

If you’re looking for more trail riding in our area, we are only a 15 minute drive to Donald Park. This wonderful equestrian park boasts 21 miles of riding trails. Our boarders take frequent opportunities to visit.